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We frequently listen that video games cause violence and other negative impacts on children and teenagers. However, we strongly disagree. We have learnt that video games are not only an entertainment for people, they also can come across as great "saviours" sometimes. 

Leave those judgements behind. Learn how good it is to play video games for you and people around you. Here you will find the main advantages of playing video games. 

Great form of entertainment

Well, this is the obvious one. Video games were invented for people to play. They feature all types of games. The most popular ones nowadays are the ones where you can play football, such as FIFA. You can have Messi or Pelé in your team! 

It helps pain ease

Remember when you were a kid? It was devastating to be sick or injured. Thanks to video games, children can be distracted. Time goes by more quickly. When a kid plays video games, their mind is so concentrated doing something else that the pain seems to disappear. 

Trains the brain

We have mentioned how video games help a kid focus. Lots of research has been done regarding this topic. These studies suggest that video games could help a kid with difficulties in concentration. Furthermore, it has been proved that video games help improve motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination. to continue with this theory, we can establish video games require quick decision-making. Video games train the brain to think faster.

Team work

Video games, specially those with sports such as football, are played by a number of people. This favours team work. Kids who play video games learn how to work in a team.

Generates new job positions and benefits the economy

The video game industry has grown a lot in the past years. With such a big demand, companies like EA have to employ new professionals every day. This is a great way of generating new working spots. With the increase of incomes, we can observe how video games industries have meant a great benefit to the economy worldwide. 

Brings motivation

Some people say video games cause children to lose interest in sports and physical activities. Truth is, kids often find motivation by video games. When a boy plays FIFA, he will most likely become interested in joining a football team. Kids find inspiration in video games. Video games give kids the desire to try the real thing!

Start playing video games today!

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